Project Description

Project Brief

A statutory body wanted to enhance public trust and confidence in it’s sector, by increasing members, staff and Directors knowledge and understanding of their roles, their legal responsibilities and potential liabilities.


1. Scope

Meet with clients to agree project scope and agree high-level requirements. A self-paced e-learning course incorporating a media rich blend of engaging interactive learning activities and real-life scenarios. Course to be delivered on a new Moodle LMS in accordance with a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

2. Analysis/Requirements

After conducting a needs analysis, we meet with client to review and agree preliminary specifications, budget and a delivery timeline of 6 weeks. An agreed project specification containing deliverables is signed off by all stakeholders. PIA conducted, learner registration methods and external integrations determined.

3. Design

Instructional Design reviewed by SMEs. Contains content structure, detailed designs, storyboard, scripts, key screen templates, question bank, PIA report and evaluation plan. Real-life examples and scenarios convey importance of individual and collective duties in the control and management of trusts and organisations.

4. Interactive Tutorials

Graphics, videos, animations and other digital resources are produced using Adobe Creative Cloud. Digital resources compiled as interactive presentations using Articulate Storyline rapid authoring tool and published with SCORM wrapper so learners can complete course over multiple sessions.

5. Scenarios

User scenarios developed from real-life examples to convey importance of individual and collective duties in the control and management of trusts and organisations. These allow the learner to apply acquired knowledge in realistic situations.

6. LMS Setup

In order to engage with a diverse, geographically dispersed audience who may not be able to attend traditional training, the course is to be delivered on a new Moodle LMS. This is branded and configured in line with the PIA, deployed on Red Pen hosting infrastructure.

7. Implement

Interactive e-learning tutorials, scenarios and animated infographics are published on the Moodle LMS. To this are added quizzes and follow-up survey to evaluate and quantify the impact and identify further instructional needs. Learners can download certificate on successful completion.

8. Test & Evaluate

Pilot test conducted and course completion metrics analysed for flaws, inconsistencies and user experience. Learner registration and LMS integrations checked against PIA, security audit conducted and GDPR compliance confirmed. Evaluation report and handover.

Learning Should Be Intuitive

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With this project we were aware that not only was the audience diverse but they would be undertaking the training in diverse environments. Some would be using computers and laptops, but many would be using other devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones. Some would also have slow internet connections and some would need to pause during the training and return at convenient times.

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Due to the diversity of the audience, devices and environment and connection speeds, it was vital that the course:

  • did not require browser plug-ins or software
  • was responsive to widest range of display sizes
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • learning activities suited those with little technical expertise
  • chunked information into small, accessible units
  • file sizes accommodated those with lower bandwidths
  • language was plain and accessible
  • accessible to those with disabilities
  • was an engaging, stimulating and enjoyable experience