Project Description

Project Brief

The aim was to create a flexible system to deliver energy awareness in the workplace training containing 20 interactions in 4 locations. On completion, the user completes a quiz on the LMS.

Learning Design

An immersive trainer which while allowing the user to freely explore the environment contains a structured path through the learning content and receives feedback.

Logon System

A logon system is provided to ensure that access to the application is limited to authorised users on the Moodle LMS and so that usage can be tracked.

User Avatars

Within the environment, the user is able to choose between 2 avatars (male and female) by clicking on an image or 3D model. To ease load times, this takes place in a dedicated scene after login and before arrival in-world.

Business Park

The environment is a representation of a modern business park containing the main building, with landscaped gardens and buildings in the distance. The main building consists of a reception area, a meeting room, open office area, and a kitchen, containing standard equipment.


There are 4 main exercise areas, each containing a number of energy-saving tasks to be completed by each user such as reducing heating, placing posters, watching videos and switching off appliances.

Moodle Integration

The application was integrated with a Moodle LMS which includes user authentication, name retrieval and progression data so the user can complete the trainer over a number of sessions.

Technical Solution

The application can run in a web browser, or as a download or as an installed app for Android and iOS devices.

Design Samples

Skills Needed To Develop Energy Awareness Trainer

Graphic Design

Creation of all graphical elements from the 3D environment and avatars to interface and displays. Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dimension.

Instructional Design

Designed not only engage learners and immerse them in the learning process, but also to achieve desired learning outcomes.

3D Development

Use of modern game engine and assets (meshes, animations, materials) to translate the design, concepts and requirements into a functional and engaging game.


Writing C# scripts in Unity 3D to handle user input, manipulate objects in the scene and detect collisions. PHP, HTML, OpenGL for Moodle integration and browser versions.

Final Result

Red Pen were a pleasure to work with and very patient with our customisation and white labelling requests.

The Red Pen resources integrate perfectly with our new employee on-boarding program.
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The use of the office environment maximises the impact of the training improves the understanding of procedures and expectations with that environment. The immersive energy awareness trainer can be used as a free-standing resource or integrated with corporate training or on-boarding programmes via an existing Learning Management System. This allows for detailed analytics and follow-up training sessions which guarantees the efficiency of the training cycle.