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Online Sales Training


‘Sales Training for Graduates’ is part of a wider programme by Ireland’s leading outsourced sales recruiter which provides learners with the skills required to move into a sales role. Intended primarily for recent graduates with little practical sales experience, the course is also used by existing sales professionals to update their skills and knowledge. [...]

Rapid eLearning Development


Project Brief A statutory body wanted to enhance public trust and confidence in it’s sector, by increasing members, staff and Directors knowledge and understanding of their roles, their legal responsibilities and potential liabilities. LEARN MORE 1. Scope [...]

Bolier Maintenance eLearning Programmes


Project Brief An efficient, reliable boiler is an essential requirement for food and beverage businesses as the downtime caused by a failed boiler can have a major detrimental effect on production, plant and personnel. Employers are required to ensure boilers are properly maintained and operated within safe limits. They are also required to ensure [...]

Serious Games


Project Brief The aim was to create a flexible system to deliver energy awareness in the workplace training containing 20 interactions in 4 locations. On completion, the user completes a quiz on the LMS. Learning Design An immersive trainer which while allowing the user to freely explore the [...]

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